Friday, October 31, 2008

Jaime Tung

I have only ever experienced "hauntings" in Torrey Hall during my first year, along with my roommate. We lived on the first floor and would often wake up hearing a woman sweeping up and down the hall, sometimes whistling or softly humming. But when I opened the door to go to the bathroom, no one was ever there. The second time we experienced a ghost was when we were both asleep and our door was locked. It was a single converted into a double so we had bunk beds and I was on top. My roommate's desk was on our left (if you were lying down), near her head. On this particular night, we were both woken up by a man's low laughter - as if he were SITTING AT HER DESK! I sat up and said "WHAT WAS THAT?!" and my roommate confirmed she heard it too- but there was no one there. I got up to see if one of our neighbors had guests over but everyone was sound asleep and in the morning, we didn't see any guys leave.

[October 31, 2008]

Friday, October 10, 2008

Christina Villarruel

My sophomore year I was residing in Wilder on the 4th floor. Rumours abounded that the 4th floor (the one I was residing on) was haunted by a former student who had hung herself. These rumours were only fuelled further by the college's decision to close off the bedroom in question (even though we were in an overcrowded housing crunch). This closed-off room (where the girl was said to have hung herself) was next to one of the two stairwells. My room was on the opposite side of the hall by the other stairwell. No one ever had problems on my stairwell side. The other side, however, was known for feeling very cold and giving a creepy feeling. I avoided it as a general rule. One day, my friend Penny came over to visit. I warned her to not use the other stairwell but she scoffed at the idea of ghosts. So, I was coerced into showing her the closed off room while Penny taunted any ghosts in the area asking for a sign. To our surprise and fright, the door banged outward toward us several times. Each hard thump sounded like a human fist banging from the other side of the door toward us. I had lived in older homes my entire life. I am used to certain typical sounds; creeks from the wood floor, the wind whistling in the windows, the way a door may rattle due to differences in air pressure and drafts. From having the identical room on the opposite stairwell, I was also familiar with the types of sounds a corner room by the stairwell made. This was NOT one of those sounds. Obviously, we left as quick as we could and Penny didn't taunt ghosts anymore.

[October 08, 2008]

Monday, May 19, 2008


One night around 3 am i had gotten up at about 4 am to go to the bathroom which was on the 5th floor. i had just finished my buisness when i went to wash my hands then all i looked up in the mirror to see this women staring at me in the mirror. when i turned around there was no one there. and i never saw her again. some tell me that they have seen the same thing. but i know what i saw and i will never for get it.

[May 18, 2008]

Monday, April 7, 2008


I was hanging out late one night in north Mandelle. I lived on the other side of campus and my best friend, who live in the delles, was out of town. She said I could stay in her room for the night while she was away because I was tired and didn't want to walk home. She lived in the smaller room of the suite on the second floor. That night I had this dream that was almost out of body. A woman was staring at me from the corner of the room by the window. Half awake, i sat up and said "go away" and pulled the covers over my head. Thinking is was just a weird dream and I was sleep talking, I told my friend about it's silliness. Before I could even get part way through the story, she said, "You saw the woman in the corner didn't you?" I had chills. Apparently, my friend had seen her too and the first few weeks of living there, kept waking up to her in the corner, staring. She eventually told her to "leave her alone" and didn't really have a problem after that. I hear other students also have similar stories in that room. i would be curious to know.

April 05, 2008

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tina T.

There is a story that there is a ghost of an MHC student in a room on the top floor of the dorm Wilder Hall. As the story goes, this girl killed herself and everyone who lived in that room after her broke their legs. At some point the college locked up the room so no one else would live there. During the 2006-2007 school year, there was a heavy storm and it knocked over a large tree which had been in front of Wilder Hall. The tree crashed into the building, caving in the ceiling of the infamous haunted room. No one was injured, and there was no major damage to the building aside from the destroyed haunted room. Some people speculate that this event released the ghost from Wilder, others think she is still there.

[August 21, 2007]

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ellen Ball Gara

When I was a sophomore at Mount Holyoke, I lived in Pearson's Hall. I lived in a double on the second floor that had a large window that looked directly out over the rear sun porch. One night, I awoke to see that my roommate's closet had opened and her closet light was on. I thought she had come into the room when I was asleep, but realized she was not there. Suddenly I became aware of a figure standing between my bed and Julie's closet. It was female, in white robes and a full head of hair. All at once her arms extended down and out from her body. My sense was that this figure did not wish me any good. I turned on the lights and screamed...even ran and told my friends, who told the head resident, who frankly thought I was nuts. Some professors from the theater department even spent some time in my room trying to see if they could pick up some trace of this ghost. She appeared in my room repeatedly over the year, eventually with a new behavior of swirling her arms in the air in front of her. Over time, I would wake up and see her face in front of me...she once tapped me on the back. I was terrified. Oddly enough, when I moved to Wilder Hall the following year, she appeared to me there as well, but never did I see her off campus. On one particularly frightening night in Wilder, I awoke to see her swirling her arms and experienced myself suffocating, as if she were drawing my breath into her and out of me. This happened a few more times over the two years I lived in Wilder. I slept with the lights on throughout the rest of me MHC days.

[April 29, 2007]

Anonymous, class of 2007

Yesterday was the scariest day of my moho experience. And i want to preface this by saying I don't believe in ghosts and if anybody can offer an explanation for what happened, I would happily hear it. I had gone to bed around 1 am, a little tired, but certainly not hallucinatingly tired. At around 3:30am I woke up facing the wall that my bed is next to. I suddenly got this bizarre feeling that I was being watched. I turned around and right in front of the dresser that has my T.V on it, there was an Asian man, around 40 years old. I screamed and asked "hello?" "can i help you" (I was quite convinced this was a real person and was freaked out because i thought i was going to be attacked by a psychopath). No response. I booked it to my door and turned around to look at the man who was still standing looking at where I had been in my bed. The man then disappeared. The weird thing is I felt a sense of relief because I was certain I had a psychopath serial killer/rapist in my room. But after that slight relief I was thoroughly perplexed. I should also mention that I wasn't all that calm. A more accurate description would be that I started crying and shaking uncontrollably. I was FREAKED OUT! Anyway, I turned the T.V on and had it play all night and slept with the lights on (something I haven't done since I was 6 years old). This was on the third floor of the rockies, by the by. I have half a semester left at Mount Holyoke and quite frankly I am glad to be getting the hell out of the 5th most haunted place in America (?)! Oh, and now I think I do believe in ghosts.

[March 9, 2007]